Chelsea to sell TWO stars to fund £50m move for Sterling – report

That will be the most stupid decision of the century


Chelsea are willing to listen to offers for South American duo Oscar and Juan Cuadrado this summer in order to fund a move for Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling, according to the Daily Star.

Sterling is being chased by some of the world’s top clubs as Real Madrid, Manchester City and Arsenal have been strongly linked with the contract rebel, but Jose Mourinho is also keeping tabs.

Chelsea need to sign English players this summer to meet the quota for homegrown players and the Blues clearly see Sterling as the best available English player.

Sterling is looking likely to leave the Reds as he has yet to agree on a new contract and was booed by the club’s fans when receiving the Young Player of the Year award last night.

Oscar has been linked with a move away from the club because he would allow Mourinho to spend big alongside…

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Former Chelsea midfielder linked with MLS move

That’s where he belongs now


Former Chelsea midfielder, Michael Essien, has been once again linked with a move to MLS after turning down a move to Greek outfit, Olympiacos. A report from claims that he is ‘waiting for a call from New York Red Bulls.’

Essien had previously been linked with a move to New York Red Bulls and the rumours have come back around.

The Ghanaian midfielder will bring a wealth of talent to any MLS outfit, having played in top leagues across Europe.

The Red Bulls are sitting third in the Eastern Conference and are looking strong this season having lost just one game.

The 32-year-old is currently plying his trade at AC Milan and still has a lot to offer any potential club. As we know players across both Europe and in MLS who are still turning out great performances while heading towards the twilight stages of their career.

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Accept make a change and move on.


All my life, one story that I know that always touches my heart whenever I remember it is the story of ALFRED NOBEL. Alfred nobel was one of the son of Swedish engineer Immanuel nobel. Alfred took to the lines of his father’s works in industrialisation and science inventions.Alfred is even credited and named after an element known as Nobelium.
In the works of Alfred he invented DYNAMITE and developed BALLISTITE. Dynamite which is an explosive use by big mining and query industries in breaking down rocks and other forms of things.
The original reason for Nobel dynamite and ballistite was for industrial works but at the time of wars across Europe and other parts of the world it was the number one purchased weapons for combating by the European army  due to it explosive nature. As a result dynamite  were used In killing  people faster than any other weapon. It was the weapon of mass destruction(WMD) at the time.
The sales went on and on till the wars was even over.
Years after the war, one of Alfred brother by name ludvig died in 1888. Which lead to Nobel having the shock of his life. A french news paper published an obituary and titled it “the merchant of death is dead.” The news paper thought ludvig who had died was Alfred nobel, due the family name of nobel. The obituary further stretched on to say Alfred nobel who find faster way of killing people and making more money is dead.
After nobel reading what have been written about his brothers death because they thought he had died, made him felt soo bad, that if I die will this be how I will be remembered. This lead to him changing his will In December 10 1896.
And that lead to the formation of the nobel peace prize in 1900. He realize that if a product of him have been use to cause much harm than good which is not his motive of creating it, then he can still make a change by the way people will think of him when he is dead,  by devoting all his gains from his works to development of peace and unity in the world. That people who will devote their works in fostering peace been it in literature,science,politics or any form of work that helps In the peaceful cohesion of the human race.
And as a result hundreds of people have been given this laureate in the form of recognition and money to aid their work.
Winners include the likes of.
Mother Theresa
Desmond tutu
Nelson Mandela
Kofi Anan
The United nation
And many other forms of individuals and institutions.

Moral lessons from it
In most cases of our life we enter into situation which are not our original motives of it, but the reality is, it have happened and in as much as you try to explain to prove your innocence or you not been harmful the depth in the mind of people have already been created.
The thing to do is just accept it and work on for a positive afterwards. This world was never promised to be fair,so just accept and move on with the positives which can be derived out of it. Nobel could have said to Hell to what they think about me, but he didn’t he looked for a new approach and today after Jesus Christ which in him I dwell comfort from who is the Prince of peace, and the prophet Mohammed who when his name is been mentioned by the Muslim Faith says peace be unto his name. The next in that line Is nobel, all you mostly hear is nobel peace prize. A person once touted as the merchant of dead is today, years after his death  seen as an embodiment of peace.
Don’t always be rigid with your decisions accept,make a change and move on.


Blackjew Appiah.